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Diploma di secondo livello in:


The two-year period course in Photography is aimed at training the figure of the Professional capable of facing requests thanks to the skills increasingly required in the world of work: cultural, technical, relational.
We will stimulate the interpersonal and entrepreneurial skills of the students by helping them in the process of finding their own visual language in the professional field.
By developing the own stylistic signature, organizational capacity and knowing how to collaborate in a team. The course will facilitate students’ entry into the professional world.
Another characterizing element of the course is the collaboration and direct contact with the work market.

Obiettivo del corso:

The two-year degree program of the photography department aims to refine the professionals who are able to relate to the client and interpret the object.
During the course the student will develop:
Knowledge of the complexity of the Industrial production process, in its different articulations and functions, interpreted and represented through the creation of a Company Profile.
The production of a series of videos dedicated to the various aspects of production, relational and product activities.
Autonomous production of integrated communication projects of video and photography in collaboration with companies of various production types.

Aree tematiche

1° anno table: 
Industrial photography
Architecture photography
Architecture photography
Design photography
History of design
Video applied to industry
History of architecture and urban planning

Opportunità professionali

The professional figure of the second level graduate will be able to easily enter the world of work as:
First assistant in the studio
Video Maker
or in reality such as: Advertising Agencies, Interior Technical Studies, Companies with Advertising Office, Graphic Studios, Fashion Agencies, Publishing Agencies, Reporters.