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Diploma di primo livello in:


The Photographer is currently professional figure who has transformed: it has evolved by expanding its skills, resulting in greater potential for entering the market.
The philosophy that feeds the educational program is based on experimentation and transversality of the different languages that are part of the visual world and which impact society every day and animate a constantly evolving market.
The training includes participation in conferences, workshops, exhibitions and competitions, thus contributing to the growth and formation of one’s own portfolio.

Obiettivo del corso:


Look to the past to be ready for the challenges of contemporary society.
The study path in photography goes beyond a traditional vision of the industry, focuses on forming a NEW professional figure who is more integrated, culturally and technically prepared, aware of intercepting the changes and challenges that society incessantly poses. The academic course starts from an analysis of the past and then moves, in depth, towards the numerous transversal aspects that complete it.
A competitive preparation is achieved in terms of creativity and imaginative criticism in the context of multiple expressive languages.

Aree tematiche

1° anno table: 
History of photography
Basics of photography and technique
Creative photography
History of cinema and video
Post-production techniques
Theory of psychological perception of form
Digital video
Art history
Semiotics of art
Industrial photography
Architecture photography
Artistic photography
History of modern art
Multimedia dramaturgy
History of contemporary cinema and video
Portrait photography
Computer graphic
Visual arts techniques and technologies
Creative writing
Fashion photography
History of contemporary photography
Reportage photography
Digital marketing
History of modern art
Visual arts techniques and technologies
2 Laying rooms
Post-production laboratory
Press center

Opportunità professionali

The professional figure of the first level graduate will be able to easily enter the work market as:
First assistant in the studio
Video Maker
or work for/as:
Advertising agencies
Interior technical studies
Companies with Advertising Office
Graphic studies
Fashion agencies
Publishing agencies
Event Agencies