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The modern artist must be able to develop his own individual research in the field of painting linked to raditional techniques and its elaboration in the context of experimenting with new expressive languages.
This course of study intends to train qualified artistic and professional skills and at the same time activate those cultural and artistic processes that will help the student to enter the “place” of one’s own poetics, manifesting it through
painting and contemporary artistic languages.

Obiettivo del corso:

Thanks to the School of Painting, students acquire the following skills.
An adequate technical and operational mastery of methods and contents relating to the research sectors in the fields of the arts, techniques and technologies of painting and the Visual Arts in order to develop an autonomous and personal awareness of artistic production.
Appropriate methodological and critical tools to develop skills in expressive languages, techniques and the most advanced technologies.
The command of the English language in the specific area of competence and for the exchange of general information.

Aree tematiche

1° anno table: 
Art history
Engraving techniques
Artistic anatomy
Pictorial techniques
Basic computer science
Artistic anatomy
Computer Art
Contemporary Plastic Techniques
Semiotics of Art
Phenomenology of Contemporary Arts
Didactics of Artistic Languages
Artistic anatomy
Pictorial techniques
Computer Art

Opportunità professionali

The Modern Artist is called to introduce new insights into the various areas of the world of work, actively participating in redefining cultural aspects and proposing new ones.
The student can therefore carry out artistic activities in different professional fields:
Visual arts
Creative activity
Collaborating with areas related to the planning, design and implementation of specific interventions in painting and visual arts