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Diploma di secondo livello in:


The course of study pursues the objective of ensuring that the student will have a full and conscious mastery of the methodologies, artistic techniques and cultural assumptions of the language of painting, through the acquisition of specific disciplinary skills aimed at training artists capable of exercising activities of high professional qualification.

Obiettivo del corso:

The curricula of the Second Level Academic Diploma courses of the School of Painting include activities aimed at the acquisition of an advanced level training in the field of artistic languages, methods and techniques, for the achievement of high professional skills in the field of painting and visual arts in general, thus correlating the development of the creative experience with the various specialized knowledge within a coherent system of knowledge, which involves the history and theories of art, the phenomenology of artistic languages, visual communication, the archetypes of the imaginary.

Aree tematiche

1° anno table: 
History of contemporary art
Performing techniques for the Visual Arts
Archetypes of the imagination
Phenomenology of Contemporary Arts

Opportunità professionali

Graduates in the School’s Second Level Academic Diploma courses are professionals who enter theworld of work with:
Advanced artistic knowledge and skills for one qualified professionalism in autonomous expressive research, with particular reference to the practices and languages of Contemporary Art;
The ability to integrate the knowledge of techniques and languages related to tradition with those relating to contemporary artistic research, relating their production within the contexts and exhibition spaces peculiar to contemporary art;
Learning skills that allow them to develop projects independently and acquire specialized skills by integrating it with the knowledge of technical procedures and organizational-professional models;
The ability to interpret complex phenomena related to the world of art, its contexts, its diffusion, the interpretation of reality and the contemporary image.