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Diploma di secondo livello in:

Interior and Green Design

Nowadays it is essential to be aware that the design intervention of the living and living space must be conceived by connecting it to the place and to the social function it must perform.
We will train an Interior Design and Interior Architecture professional who is aware of the relationship between man and space; prepared on construction materials and techniques; on the significant role of the design of private and collective spaces which, well designed, allow positive human interaction in an efficient way, efficiently performing the function for which they were designed.

Obiettivo del corso:

At the end of the two-year course, the Second Level graduates in Interior & Green Design possess precise technical knowledge of designing both private and public living spaces.
Design skills, both in the analysis phase and in the development phase of the project. Knowledge of materials and finishes. Expertise in the use of drawing techniques, CAD tools and 3D modeling.
Ability in the development and design of furniture and furniture projects.
Design elements of gardens and temporary spaces. Expertise in the design of color for interior design. Knowledge of the historical evolution of the interior design. Knowledge of the ecological dynamics of contemporary design.


Aree tematiche

1° anno table: 
Drawing for architecture
History of interior design
Interior Architecture
Construction Design Methodology and project management
Interior design
Temporary Design Lab
Elements of Environmental Design
Color design for architecture
3D rendering for Interior Design
Design Methodology
Art Design
Lighting technology
Furniture design
Interior material technology
Land Design _ Art nature and Identity

Opportunità professionali

Graduates in Interior & Green Design are able to start a wide range of professional activities such as:
Interior Design e Exhibition designer;
Furniture and furnishings designer, designer of special arrangements and related to garden design;
Interior design consultant for companies, showrooms and retailers of design products, but also for professional and architectural firms.