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Diploma di secondo livello in:

Industrial and Research Design

The key elements of the two-year course in Industrial & Research Design are based on the knowledge of the link between technological development and socio-economic transformations that define new types of products.
It emphasizes the dialectic between research, trends and future scenarios and is completed with the knowledge of the historical-cultural aspects of design.
Great attention is given to digitization processes, to the new design directions posed by the environmental issue, to the technological evolution of materials, to aspects of Marketing and new business areas for Design.

Obiettivo del corso:

At the end of the two-year course, second level graduates in Industrial & Research Design possess the following knowledge.
Precise technical knowledge of the creation and development of the industrial project. A methodological approach to design. Technical skills of CAD tools, rapid prototyping and optical scanning.
Skills in project communication. Ability to set up and develop scientific project research.
Elements of Brand Design and Marketing, Interface Design, knowledge of the historical evolution between design and environmental impact.

Aree tematiche

1° anno table: 
Industrial Design
Design Research
Innovation design
Brand and Design Identity
Cad digital modeling techniques and rapid prototyping
History of Italian Design
Materials and Production Processes
Design Engineering
Design of color materials and finishes
Product Design
Start up and new economic models

Opportunità professionali

Graduates are able to perform the following professional roles:
Project Consultants
Product manager within the Design and Research & Development of companies and professional firms in the sector
Researchers within companies, professional sector firms and research centers
Project activity in multidisciplinary teams
Consultancy for engineering studies
Public roles
Access to PhD programs in Design