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Fashion Design and Research

The two-year Fashion Design & Research course was created to train professionals capable of combining an original and individual design sensitivity with the technical requirements imposed by the fashion sector.
In a future where companies active in the fields of fashion, textiles, accessories will require professional profiles that are able to offer both an understanding of creative dynamics with an interdisciplinary versatility, LABA is able
to offer a context and an approach in line with market demands. Technical training alone without a deeper level of understanding of the cultural and social dynamics of the fashion sector will no longer be valid.
The future will be marked by new professional figures in possession of conscious approaches to production and consumption.

Obiettivo del corso:

The two-year Fashion Design & Research course aims to prepare students to enter the world of work within the national and international fashion system. 

Each year of the course is structured in such a way as to allow students to acquire skills in a structured and progressive way that culminates in the achievement of the required training objectives. Each year also includes an

experimental course aimed at stimulating the creative freedom of students which helps to fuel their motivation and passion, at the same time leading them to discover their talents through teamwork.
Classroom teaching is supported by involvement in collaborative projects with companies, during which students have the opportunity to live a realistic experience of the professional world. The structured course allows students to
range between different experiences and to focus on what will be the subject of their interest, their thesis and therefore their future profession.

Aree tematiche

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Design methodology
Technologies and digital applications
Fashion design
Fabric design
Fashion design
Accessory design
Art Direction
Professionalism design

Opportunità professionali

The BA in Fashion Design provides theoretical, methodological and functional skills for the training of professionals ready to grasp the continuous evolution of the global fashion industry. Alongside the traditional figures of the fashion
designer, the pattern maker and the designer of fabrics and accessories, the setting of the course also allows the training of new professionals who are experts in organization, preparation and communication of fashion through
new media.