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Diploma di primo livello in:

Fashion Design

Fashion, a fundamental element in the public manifestation of oneself, represents in some ways the gap between being and appearing and the inexhaustible search for new styles of clothing must be placed in this tension.
The dress is the language of the body and the Fashion Designer interprets it by narrating ways of being, stories and belonging through his collections.
The training of the Fashion Designer therefore requires an important specialization that combines professional preparation with solid cultural preparation.

Obiettivo del corso:

The aim of the course is the development of the following skills.
Acquire cultural, scientific and technical-design skills to develop a fashion collection, from design to production.
Develop different skills that revolve around the figure of the fashion designer: from fashion illustration to styling from classic tailoring to techno fashion; from the accessory designer to fashion communication.
Realize the design idea gained during the lessons, so as to consciously manage the relationship between feasibility and expressive needs, between quality / costs / limits of materials and the initial project.

Aree tematiche

1° anno table: 
Fashion Design
History of modern art
History of the costume
Technologies and digital applications
Design methodology
Fabric design
Phenomenology of the body
History of contemporary art
Accessory design
History of fashion
Design for publishing
Contemporary plastic techniques
Art Direction
Contemporary plastic techniques
History of fashion (contemporary)
Organization of publishing activities
Design for professionalism
Fashion Design Workshop
Textile Design Workshop
Modeling workshop for Fashion Design
Modeling workshop for Accessory Design

Opportunità professionali

Fashion Design graduates, due to the cultural and technical skills acquired, can fill the following roles:
Collaborators within design studios or self-employed professionals
Fashion Designer
Textile Designer
Accessory Designer
Fashion communication