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Diploma di primo livello in:

Dramatic and Performative Arts

The educational path is aimed at developing the talent and artistic professionalism of each future performer, through the practical experimentation of performing disciplines and the mastery of expressive means, of one’s body and one’s voice.
A professional-level course will prepare the student for both the theater, film and television sectors.
The course will use an unconventional approach to dramaturgy, deepening the knowledge of new multimedia technologies to experiment with new perspectives of the relationship with space, time and the body.

Obiettivo del corso:

At the end of the three-year period, the student will have acquired acting skills through the communication of theory, with workshop practice and the ability to work in a group: the deepening of new forms of audiovisual communication,
the practical realization of scenography and sets, the organization of projects, budgets and planning, the elaboration of complex storytelling, participation in internships, workshops with professionals in the sector and operational visits
to professional realities.
Each academic year ends with the staging of a public show.

Aree tematiche

1° anno table: 
Set design for cinema
Digital Video
Lighting technology
History of the show
Technology and materials applied to the scenography
Processes and techniques for the multimedia show
Modeling and photography techniques
Set design for television
Direction of photography
Multimedia dramaturgy
Sound design
Dramatic art
Body expression
Culture and practice of the show
Theater room - Direction room
Scenography workshop
Costume workshop for the show/Pose room

Opportunità professionali

The professional profile of the graduate in scenography specializing in dramatic and performing arts is that of a Creative-Performer with multimedia production skills capable of successfully entering all areas of entertainment.
The professions formed in the course are those of:
Multimedia set designer
Film director
Multimedia Performer