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Diploma di secondo livello in:

Digital Design & Communication

From Brand Identity to Digital Communication, via the web and social media. New technologies have made possible new cultural and learning paths.
The course of study is aimed at equipping students with the ability to grasp these changes, with specific vision and knowledge, aimed at translating an idea into a feasible project.
The Digital Designer creates complex communication systems with clarity of objectives, coherence of languages and multidisciplinary competence. He knows how to manage the identity and positioning of the brand in all communication scenarios.

Obiettivo del corso:

The objective of the two-year course is to create highly specialized professionals who know how to operate in all scenarios of business communication, summarizing a marketing objective into an idea of creative communication, managing its dissemination and the involvement of recipients. From printed paper to digital, from the web to social media.
Creativity requires knowledge to be able to express the best of itself, therefore the operation of the course passes through learning workshops and real projects, in which the student will interface with companies with the possibility of putting into practice what they have learned.

Aree tematiche

1° anno table: 
Digital Processing of the Image (After Effect)
Multimedia Design
Media Phenomenology (Prototype)
Art Direction
Web Design - UI Design
Multimedia Design
Languages and Technologies
Net Marketing - Social Media Marketing
Audio and Mixing

Opportunità professionali

The Digital Designer profile is suitable for many job development scenarios:
Art director
Web designer
Social media manager
Type designer
Photo Editor
Visual Designer
Digital Artist
Video maker