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Design and Light

The Biennium develops cultural issues underlying the different categories of a project, in its most articulate facets - from interior design, lighting design, industrial design - and that must be a theoretical foundation of professional skills, in particular by using the paradigm of light for some of its declinations. The training course investigates the demands of the aesthetic, ethical and design evolution of social contemporaneity, so that with the right solicitations the student reaches a conscious and professionalizing specialization. Designed with the archistar Maurizio De Caro, the second year offers the choice between two specializations: one dedicated to design at the highest levels, the other time to train "designers of light". It was born with the involvement of the greatest personalities of design and advanced research on the project in our country and will allow access to innovative immersive virtual reality laboratories.

Obiettivo del corso:

The course is a "cultural sequence" that involves the interaction between theoretical teachings and those that involve applications and practical insights, with a strong focus on new technologies. In addition to the traditional courses, the presence, throughout the course of studies, of workshops and meetings with entrepreneurial subjects becomes the place of permanent dialogue with the world of work and innovative research, companies, designers, critics and intellectuals of the various sectors (architecture , aesthetics, design, green economy).

Aree tematiche

1° anno table: 
Project Aesthetics
Lighting design
Innovative technologies applied to the project
Innovative technologies applied to the project
Phenomenology of contemporary arts
Visual Arts Aesthetics

Opportunità professionali

The figure who graduated after this two-year specialization course certainly has as privileged professional outlets, in addition to design and research, the artistic and cultural direction of companies in the sector, insertion in study centers and academic teaching, in addition to theoretical criticism and to art, architecture and design journalism, also in the digital fields.


- Director of the cultural project of the large companies in the sector

- Artistic director of the projects

- Architect for architectural interventions

- Co-designer for exhibition and museum spaces


The figure who graduated after the two-year specialization course in light design has as a privileged outlet that of the profession of light designer, in its declinations as a designer for private and public architectural interventions, as a co-designer of exhibition and museum spaces, as creators of scenic spaces.