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Diploma di secondo livello in:

Cinema & Audiovisual

The two-year period of Cinema and Audiovisual aims to explore the areas of interest of audiovisual production with a focus on documentary and fiction film products.
The course of study includes an articulated curriculum, made up of theoretical and laboratory disciplines that have as their object the different tasks of cinema and the study of its history.
A fundamental characteristic of the two-year course is the concatenation of the courses: direction,screenwriting, photography direction and editing are interconnected courses as the projects that the student will develop will touch the aforementioned subjects for what concerns the specificities of each.


Obiettivo del corso:

Along the two years, students will have the following opportunities:
Acquire cultural, technical-design skills to develop a mastery of the audiovisual language that allows you to tell a story with images.
Acquire the ability to work in team. 
Acquire knowledge related to the production of audiovisual content from conception to editing.
Mastery of the skills for the advanced use of the mounting system.
Knowledge of photography and shooting techniques.


Aree tematiche

1° anno table: 
History of cinema
Direction of Photography
Assembly techniques
Creative writing
Mass media theory and method

Opportunità professionali

The professional figure that is outlined at the end of the course of study can be considered ambivalent: if on the one hand the student will identify during this path the working environment most suited to his aptitudes, on the other hand
he will acquire the skills necessary to start a career path such as video maker because in possession of the tools that solve the audiovisual production chain from pre-production to post-production, passing through the realization of the
film product.
To do this, the course places students directly within, and in an active way, the creative and implementation process.